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    Kitchen Cleaning:Mopping Floors and Washing Dishes

Part 2
: Discussion

Who is in charge of cleaning the kitchen in your family? Do you do the dishes by hand or do you have a dishwasher? Is a dishwasher even a common kitchen appliance most people have in your hometown? What benefits or disadvantages are there to having children help with the cleaning in the kitchen?

Part 3
: Online Investigation

There are hundreds of kitchen cleaning supplies from which to select, but choosing products can be a difficult experience? What is the advantage of Product A over Product B? More and more people are discovering simple, homemade cleaning recipes that can be prepared with common household supplies. Use the Internet for basic cleaning solutions and tips that people can prepare that don't require you to purchase expensive cleaning supplies.

Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary in the Transcript by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

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