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    Golf Course: Improving Your Swing

::: Over par: Any score, whether on an individual hole or for a completed round, that is above the given par for that hole or round. If a hole is a par-4, "over par" is any score greater than 4 for that hole. If the par for the course is 72, over par is a score of 73 or higher.
Part 2
: Discussion

Like any sport, the game of golf doesn't interest everyone but what seems to be the attraction for some people to play and/or watch the game? How much does a round of golf cost at a golf course near you?

Part 3
: Online Investigation

A friend from overseas is coming to your city for a week, and she is interested in playing a round of golf while she is there. She is looking for course that is friendly to new golfers and that doesn't have a lot of long, difficult holes. Search the Internet for a golf course that fits the bill (i.e., is exactly what you want).

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