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    Fast Food Restaurant


Part II
: Role Play

Use the Internet to find a menu in English of a restauarant near you (if possible). With a partner, take the roles of a customer and server. Take turns ordering food and taking orders. Think of possible problems that can happen in such situations (e.g., the wrong order, the food is cold, your glass or silverware is dirty, the service is very slow). Think of expressions that can be used to resolve these problems.

Part III
: Discussion

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating at a fast food restaurant? Consider convenience, cost, and nutrition in your answer.

Part IV
: Online Investigation

With so many fast food restaurants in business, it is difficult to know which provides the best value in terms of price and healthy food choices. Using the Internet, compare the food choices at two different restaurants and come up with your recommendations on which place provides the best quality meal. Explain your findings.

Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary in the Transcript by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

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