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Part II
: Discussion

What types of religious services and meetings are present in your area? If people of different faiths visit your country, are they able to find places of worship very readily?

Part III
: Role Play

You are sitting on an airplane next to man who appears to be religious leader for his particular faith. After some light conversation on your travels, he politely asks you if are a member of a specific church or religion. Answer his question and describe your personal feelings on the subject.

Part IV
: Online Investigation

Learning about the religious beliefs and practices of others can help us develop greater understanding for our world neighbors. Choose one religion and use the Internet to find out five basic beliefs and practices of this faith. Feel free to interview personally a person who is a member of this religion to learn more on the topic.

Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary in the Transcript by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

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