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    Bookstore: Textbooks and Office Supplies

Part III: Discussion

What are things you have to buy every semester at a typical college in your area and how much does a student pay on school supplies? Do students usually pay for these expenses on their own, through college loans, or with the help of parents?

Part IV: Role Play

You are in the bookstore trying to find supplies before the start of your classes tomorrow (English Writing 101, Beginning Writing, Speech and Debate, and TOEFL). Ask a clerk to help you find the books and any other supplies you might need.

Part V
: Online Investigation

Buying books at a traditional bookstore can be very expensive, so many students are turning to buying textbooks online. However, how much can students really save? Price a book you are interested in buying at a bookstore near you and then check the price of the same book online. How much can you save? Can you buy the book cheaper if it is used?

Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary in the Transcript by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

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