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    Home Improvements


Part 2
: Discussion

What are some home improvements you would like to have done at the place where you now live (home, apartment, dormitory, etc.)? Would you do them yourself, or have someone else do them? Explain your reasons.

Part 3
: Online Investigation

You are considering buying a old house, but it needs to be fixed up to make it liveable. You're not really sure if it would be better just to buy a new house, but your spouse has his/her heart set on it. Major home improvements include a complete kitchen remodel, new flooring (carpet) throughout the house, and a complete bathroom remodel to repair water damage. Search the Internet to find out how easy or difficult it would be to do by yourself, or how much it would cost to have someone do these renovations for you. The summarize your decision and your plan to complete the project.

Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary in the Transcript by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

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